With the Business App you take your online appearance to the next level and invigorate the business


PWA – Progressive Web App

Progressive Web App: faster, better, further. The following forecast from the American research firm Gartner shows that Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are taking and changing an increasingly important role in the app market over the next few years: ("Gardener predicts that by 2020, PWA's 50 % of the consumer-oriented app will be replaced) The future of the apps are therefore PWAs. They enable intensive, regional strengthening of your brand, through the significant increase in customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. Event-driven marketing activities can be implemented regionally and without a lead. Retail: Selling Sunday - weather-dependent push message Sunday morning.
With minimal effort, at any desired time, reach the appropriate target group.
ZIn addition, PWAs require very little storage space compared to the "normal" native apps, and they are not dependent on an app store. Thus, there are no storage costs and the PWA is fully charged within only 1-3 seconds. Furthermore, you enable direct communication with your customers through an optional chat function

Mobile First: 80% of Internet usage is already happening from mobile devices


2 in 1 Booster

The Progressive Web App (PWA) is your smart 2 in 1 solution. The PWA is not just an app on the smartphone, but also a website on the net. Easy and accessible from everywhere.


Mix & Match – Function blocks

Price list and menu, vouchers, products and shop, digital stamp card, contact form, integration of external software, integration of other websites, such as Facebook, Twitter etc., appointment requests and reservations, feedback and reviews, picture and video gallery, opening hours , and much more "a large selection of our function modules transfer your business online. Meet your customers where they are: on the smartphone!


Smart Widget

Make anonymous visitors to your website loyal customers. The Smart Widget automatically redirects smartphone users from your website to your app. Do you want to switch to mobile version? ; If the new or existing customer confirms this note, he has installed your app on his smartphone and is e.g. reachable via push message. Your app spreads almost by itself. Optionally, you can activate a messenger on your website to individually address interested parties via chat message directly on the desktop website.


SEO – Search Engine optimization

Search engine optimization through interaction. Also, choose your own text when your app is viewed on google, Facebook, Firefox or Internet Explorer. Push your ranking without additional costs.

CRM – Customer Management System

Get to know your customers better with personalized offers. Various statistics give you a variety of insights. Increase customer satisfaction.




Do not miss a request: 24/7 talking to your customers, live on your smartphone and desktop.


Marketing Automation

Automated and individual. Maximize your sales through automated marketing campaigns. Just let your business app work for you.


Push messages

News on the display of your customers

Push messages are the ideal communication channel to your regular customers. Whether last-minute bargains, daily offers, free appointments, reminders or an invitation to an event: Your message will appear in real-time on the smartphone display of your customers. Push messages can also be used to inform you of incoming customer inquiries or reservations. So you do not miss a customer request.


Mobile coupons

bring customers into the housea

You want to promote new products, boost sales or vacant seats at an event? Mobile vouchers, discounts and loyalty cards can easily be generated and distributed at any time within the app. This proven form of sales promotion goes much faster via the app, arouses the interest of new customers and delights your regular customers.

Instant Feedback

Find out what your customers think

Praise, criticism, suggestions or ideas and customer feedback is indispensable for a customer-oriented company. Whether directly on site in the restaurant, in the workshop or following an event with a simple feedback form within the app, customers can immediately give valuable feedback.

Update at the touch of a button

Once the app has been set up, it can be easily managed: Within your personal back office area, you can update texts and pictures, appointments and offers, shop items and news at any time with just a few clicks.

The office in your pocket

You do not necessarily have to sit in front of the computer to get into your back office area. You can also edit your sales promotions directly from your smartphone, wherever you are. The advantages are apparent:

  • Your mobile back office will inform you directly via push message when an order, inquiry, reservation or similar. so that you can answer them quickly and easily.
  • Dates and events can be refreshed or recreated anytime, anywhere. This makes it easy to respond quickly even to current events when placing an order, request, reservation or similar. so that you can answer them quickly and easily.
  • Vouchers and discount promotions can be created and sent spontaneously. You can bring customers into the house at short notice or boost online purchases.

Monitoring success always in view

You can always access the usage behavior of your app with your BackOffice - on the PC, on the road or comfortably from the couch. You regularly check the number of visitors, use of vouchers, downloads in the app store, access via QR codes and much more. These statistics help you to check and optimize the effectiveness of your marketing actions.

That offers you the own Business App:

Always be present:

Your app with your own logo on the smartphone of your customers increases the memory and sympathy value of your company.

Can be found from everywhere:

Whether via Google search, QR-Code, App Store or call your website.

Sales after closing time:

With a mobile online shop.

Products or services

to stage:

Picture galleries and videos encourage buying decisions.

Strengthening new customer acquisition and customer loyalty:

Mobile vouchers, discount offers and loyalty cards ensure further sales.

Because communicate where your customers are:

Spread your offers simultaneously via Twitter and Facebook.

1-click contact:

For calls, appointments, product inquiries, or reservations and their answering.


Find out what your customers think or what they wish.

News in real time:

Push messages appear directly on the screen of your customer's smartphone.

Calendar of events:

Promote events and appointments with one click to all customers.